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NFPA 2 Training:

Our NFPA 2: Hydrogen Technologies Code training provides a comprehensive review of the core safety requirements for hydrogen production, storage, transfer, and use in its various forms. We will review a variety of hydrogen-related ​applications and will discuss explanatory/supporting material that is critical to understanding this code.

4-hr Hydrogen Fundamentals Course

8-hr Hydrogen Advanced Concepts Course

Addresses gaseous and liquefied hydrogen requirements

​​Details on sector specific requirements​

​​Understand how Annex content informs the required content​

OMITZ Consulting:

We bring more than a decade of experience in fire and process safety in industry and the research and development environment.  We guide you through the intricate landscape of regulations and best practices, ensuring compliance as you safely and efficiently develop your hydrogen project.

Deep industry experience with hydrogen codes and standards

Expert in hydrogen safety and risk analysis

Community engagement and outreach

OMITZ Insight Engine [Coming Soon!]

Prepare to transform the way you navigate regulatory compliance in highly regulated industries. Omitz is launching soon, offering a revolutionary AI-driven solution that simplifies understanding and application of complex regulations.

Tailored Search Results: Dynamic content adaptation, helping you focus only on relevant content

AI-Enhanced Searches: Utilize predictive text and semantic understanding for streamlined regulatory navigation

Policy Development Assistant: Effortlessly generate internal policy drafts aligned with required codes and standards 

Drowning in Requirements?

Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing maze of regulations in your industry? You're not alone. There are now more than 181,321 pages of content in the Code of Federal Regulations, containing more than 1.2 million individual requirements.

We're dedicated to helping our customers navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance. We specialize in navigating the complex world of regulations, helping you stay compliant while focusing on what really matters: developing your hydrogen project safely and efficiently.

Customer Experiences

We love that people love us. 

Pilot Flying J

The Omitz NFPA 2 Training is a must for anyone working in hydrogen. Fire codes are complex and intertwined, but Phil has set a new standard in making them simple and intuitive through his masterful PowerPoint content and engaging teaching style.

Brendan D. | Principal Data Scientist

Idaho National Laboratory

Great workshop! EVERYONE that attended felt it was a great use of their time.

Trina M. | Project Manager


Great course - very well done and informative.

Mykola M. | Hydrogen Innovation Project Manager


The training was great - I am very pleased with the interactive course, and how you extracted the information for easy reference.

Muhammad S. | Process Safety & Integrity Engineer

The Omitz Mission

We help hydrogen innovators accelerate adoption of hydrogen technologies with a clear & efficient approach to compliance by leveraging our deep industry expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training in person or virtual?

We currently offer live hydrogen safety trainings both in person and virtual.  We're also developing a recorded training that people can watch anytime and review throughout the year - stay tuned as this will be coming soon!

Can you customize the content for our needs?

We would be happy to discuss customization of our training content to your needs. Contact us at phil.clark@omitz.io to explore personalized training options that meet your unique requirements.

What is the OMITZ Insight Engine?

The OMITZ Insight Engine is a major innovation in requirements management.  Using neural networks and artificial intelligence, we're pioneering the quickest path to compliance in the industry.  We're working with industry partners right now to verify readiness for industry, but are looking for early adopters looking for innovative solutions to complex problems.  Let us know if you're interested in learning more!


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