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hI, i'M Phil.  aND i'M A bUREAUCRAT. 

A reformed one, at least.  And I'm really sorry for pumping the brakes on projects by finding new requirements too late in the process.  If only I had a tool that helped me find all the project requirements straight out the gate and helped us collaborate between ESH, Engineering, and local Authorities Having Jurisdictions. 

  • ​Environment, Health, and Safety: 15 years experience in the trenches of DoD, DoE, and consulting in industry.
  • Reformed Bureaucrat: My mission is to help others optimize efficiency and avoid needless bureaucracy.
  • Omitz Insight EngineCreating Omitz is my way of making amends for all my bureaucratic transgressions.
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The Making of a Bureaucrat:

About Phil

First job out of graduate school!  Amazing experience (I was the industrial hygienist for the Navy SEALs on the West Coast and got to wear body armor!). 

But oye...the regulations. My first experience with bureaucracy...


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Started my disdain for wordy regulations early in my career.  I jumped into the app craze and started an auditing company with some friends to help people conduct field audits.

(sooo many ways it could be improved, but it was a good way to test the waters).

2012 - I landed my dream job working with researchers in the Department of Energy who were building the future of energy.

My first experience working with the hydrogen industry (which still felt like it was a long way off).

And, bureaucracy... 

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H2 @ Scale...Toyota Mirai...all of a sudden, things begin to pick up speed in the hydrogen world. Project begin to come through our doors faster than ever and we struggle to keep up - but ever the bureaucrat, I keep the researchers in line.

Hydrogen projects are coming in at a wild pace. I no longer feel I can do my job without the tool I have in my brain (Omitz). I submit my two weeks notice. Three days later, COVID shuts the world down, and I grovel for my job back


Omitz is finally born! Taking inspiration from Strunk and White's Elements of Style, regulations will never be the same after we're done with them.

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What I Believe

Requirements and Regulations are Obnoxious...but Essential.

Regulators...Mount Up.  

Requirements are Overwhelmingly Big and Complex

 Federal, state, local, RAGAGEP, company policies...where do I even start?

 Internal and external references ensure confusion and compliance anxiety.

Requirements are Essential and Effective

 Regulations and requirements effectively protect people, public, and places

 They level playing field for all parties and help create a fair and safe environment for everyone.

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It Doesn't Have to Take Months or Years to Master
Complex Requirements

The journey to understanding and mastery begins with simplifying at every step, which we help people achieve through our trainings, software, and consulting.  

 Understand how requirements are organized and break themdown into their essential elements.

 Use software solutions that can get you answers with lightning speeds.

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