NFPA 2: Hydrogen Technologies Code
 8-Hour Training

Are you prepared for all the new hydrogen projects the Hydrogen Hubs are bringing your way?

Our NFPA 2 [2023]: Hydrogen Technologies Code training will give you the knowledge and expertise needed for any future hydrogen project you come across, no matter how complex or challenging.

Omitz has developed intense and insightful 8-hour training courses specifically for engineers and project managers like you. We're passionate about making sure you have a quick means to get up to speed and stay up-to-date on hydrogen regulations.  Here's the breakdown of what we'll cover: 

  • NFPA Introduction: Understand how to navigate general NFPA requirements
  • Hydrogen Fundamentals: Explore the foundational and fundamental core chapters of NFPA 2:

- General Fire Safety (Ch 4)
- General Hydrogen Safety (Ch 6)
- Gaseous Hydrogen Requirements (Ch 7)

  • Advanced Gaseous and Liquefied Hydrogen Requirements: Explore the more advanced gaseous requirements and nuanced standards for liquefied hydrogen:

-  Liquefied H2  Requirements (Ch 8)
- Gaseous and Liquid Hydrogen Fueling Facilities (Ch10-11)
- H2 Fuel Cell Power Systems (Ch 12)
- H2 Generation Systems (Ch 13)

  • Sector Specific Requirements: 

- Combustion Applications (Ch 14)
- Special Atmosphere Applications (Ch 15)
- Laboratory Operations (Ch 16)
- Parking Garages, Repair Garages (Ch 18)
- H2 Powered Industrial Trucks (Ch 19)

By taking this in-depth training, you're equipping your organization with all of the know-how needed to protect yourself, your team, and the public from unexpected surprises when working on any hydrogen related job. 

NFPA 2: Advanced Hydrogen Concepts

8-Hours  |  Live  |  In-Person

  • NFPA Introduction
  • ​​NFPA Change Summary 2020-2023
  • ​Hydrogen Fundamentals
  • ​Advanced Gaseous and Liquefied Hydrogen
  • ​Sector Specific Requirements

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